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just finished installing my new clutch!

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it wasnt as hard as thoes 'colorado outlaws' made it to be :)

looking at thoes pics and posts made me thing this was on par with pulling an engine and rebuilding it...

i get to my friend's shop at 5 45 PM...sit around for a half hour while he closes up shop for the day...

6:20 when the car is on the lift and im browsing through the alldata to see if there are any 'hidden' suprises....

worked till 9;30, took a break and ate the pizza that finally showed up...

then finished up the install, and the car rolled out of the shop by midnight!

my and my friend put a new OEM flywheel in the car (SMART choice not to get a light one) and an AWE stage 2 clutch, which is a "south bend DXD" disc, and a red painted Sachs p.plate...

the disc has 8 pucks bonded to the flywheel side that are made of a ceramic material, and on the pressure plate side is a segmented kevlar type material....

first impressions:

pedal effort is actually LIGHTER than stock despite with a "stronger" p.plate...

the clutch GRABS, and doesnt slip even under WOT in 5th gear.....very nice compared to what was before....

the old clutch came off in CHUNKS of lovely asbestos material ( :shock: ) and lots of dust that was properly collected.....the flywheel had GROOVES in it, and so did the p.plate...

the OEM parts look DRASTICALLY different from the AWE bits, so they arent re-packaged oe stuff like i going to do a few clutch drops after the break in period... :lol:
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Congrats Slab! Same setup as I have. :thumbup: Remember, you have to take it easy for the first few hundred miles.

Damn. It took me about 6 hours to do a RWD clutch (with a trip in the middle to buy gear oil from WalMart). How you do that so fast. :p

I guess having a shop and the proper tools helps... :wink:
Doesnt sound so bad.

On the 26th Im going over to my local dealer early that AM to get mine all installed. Ive sent my stuff over to Spec to get resurfaced and a new disc so hopefully Ill get it all middle of next week. Glad that you got yours all put together in a little less then 6 hours.

my dad stalled the car 2 times trying to move

he is still trying to adapt!
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