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Hi I'm new to the forum. Just bought our first VW, a 2010 Passat 147TSI B6/C3 Wagon with 37k kms on the clock. Was going to buy jap but after sitting in the Passat we changed our mind as it was just light years ahead on style and performance. We also bought a 4 year manufacturer equivalent (non-dealer) extended warranty as I have heard some VW can have electrics and transmission issues. Will probably take a while for us to get used to the DSG but overall it seems the best of both auto and manual. Anyway looking forward to learning more about our new car and getting to know you all..

By the way does anyone know a good place to buy aftermarket Passat B6 parts and accessories online in Australia? We would particularly like to get a loading sill/rear bumper protector as that always seems to get scratched easil.

Heres a pic of us looking at the car at the dealers :p
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