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2001 B5.5 Volkwagen Passat 2.8L GLX
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Unfortunately I cannot say much about the Passat other than it is a 2003 model year with a 1.8l 4 cyl. turbo engine. I have just done a scan and there are a number of fault codes set but fortunately most have to do with the radio (aftermarket) or low voltage (battery had run down due to lack of use. Those that seem valid are for the shift selector, which probably needs to be replaced and for the brake booster, either weak or blown fuse. Obviously it has a 5 speed automatic transmission and I plan to do an oil and filter change. Can anyone tell me what type of transmission fluid VW recommends?
Here's a link to ZF's fluid recommendations for the transmission among many other nice details. ZF is the transmission manufacturer for B5/B5.5 Automatic transmissions. Looks like it needs to meet ESSO LT 71141 standards

Personally I've used Pentosin ATF1 in my 2001 Passat, but I don't even think you can buy it anymore, at least not that I've seen. Pentosin makes other compatible transmission fluids too, among other brands, but my Passat is serviced with 100% Pentosin fluids (coolant, power steering, etc) besides the oil and washer fluid.
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