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Jumpy idle

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Got a '00 1.8T Variant, lately it's been a bit jumpy when idling, going down a few hundred rpm's, the jumping up again. It gets even worse if I turn the AC on (ie from Econ to Auto). Any ideas?

ps. n00b so treat me gently :D
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How many miles (KM)
Might be time to clean the throttle body...
Close to 90k km atm.
This site below will walk you through a TB cleaning. You will need to order a throttle body gasket.

If you have an AEB read this thread too.

Try that. :thumbup:
I have had this problem and it was because the wires to the spark plugs had come unseated. All I had to do was push them back down.
Thanks for the tips guys, really appreciate it! I'll see if I manage to clean out the throttle body without wreaking too much havok :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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