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So my parents are thinking of getting rid of their 2015 VW Passat S with ~120K miles on it, because they are worried about its reliability. I was thinking of buying it and driving it for another 50K miles before upgrading again. I shouldn't be out of pocket by much if I were to buy it (The KBB value on it and my '08 Honda Civic are about the same since my car has so few miles). There is a oil leak (1-2 qts between every oil change). Taking it to a mechanic revealed that there is a leak at the oil pan, rear main seal, and apparently the crankcase valve, though I inspected this and didn't see any oil leakage (I'm no professional though). I am a minor DIYer and think that I could replace the oil pan and the crankcase valve, but I don't feel confident enough to attempt the main seal replacement. Mechanic gave a rough estimate that it would cost about $1.2k.

The main thing that worries my folks and I is that a couple of mechanics at the shop suggested trading in the car instead of getting it fixed. They said that around this mileage these cars really start to fall apart.

Is this thing worth putting the money into or is it nearly EOL?

Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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