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This last weekend I happened to have my computer turned on with the media program JRiver running. I use the JRiver program to pipe music through my DVD player and then into my stereo system.
With the JRiver program I can access my complete (ripped) CD library on my DVD player at will. Kind of like an electronic juke box if you will.
At some point in time over the weekend my wife and I turned on the Pandora app. This being the first time I've ever had the Pandora app and JRiver running simultaneously.
I've got a particular station that I've had for around 5 years, we were listening to and all of a sudden it starts playing songs that have never played on that station before.
What seems alarming is that all this 'new' music was the exact same music that is on my computer. It's not even the same genre as the Pandora radio station.
I immediately suspected Pandora of snooping through my network and onto my computer and scanning what music is on it.
Does anybody else know anything about this or suspect being violated like this? This kind of sh!t is disturbing to say the least.
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