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Interior Parts Needed

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Not really sure what kind of Passat that I have since I am new to VW but it is a 2002 1.8T. I am looking for a few small interior parts that are broken (seat belt floor mount covers). Anyone know of any good places for parts? Interior is saddle leather.
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go see the dealer or a scrapyard.
Dunno where you're located, new2vw, but L&T Enterprizes (sic) is in Allentown, PA and has a 1.000 batting average with me on everything I've ever asked them for. No website, but ring them at 800-228-3895. :thumbup:
I am right outside Chicago...thanks for the tips.
[sarcastic]Broken interior parts? No way![/sarcastic]

You can try Impex. Punch in the 9-(or so)-digit part number from the back side of the part (it's amazing how many small parts VW manages to assign numbers to) and see if they have it.
Awesome...I can't believe how fast I am getting replies....this is an awesome forum! :)
Agh, you jinxed the post! J/k, bump to the top for similar interest.
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