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Intercooler hose

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Hi there
I have a 2005 Passat TDI I purchased 3 yrs ago and last year I had to replace the intercooler hose which was close to $500 canadian so I opted for Ebay at $65 US I installed it but the lower large end did not fit so after talking to the supplier who sold 100's of them said there shouldn't be issues I decided to splice my old hose with the new one with an appropriate sized exhaust pipe and that worked fine for a year until that one blew ( a 1" slit below the small end of hose) exactly the same spot as the original hose, now I verified carefully that there was no physical contact in that area. So I bought another Ebay hose and had to splice and dice it to fit. WOULD ANYONE KNOW WHY I KEEP BLOWING HOSES.

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Your 2005 Passat is a B5.

As to why your hose keeps getting destroyed... Your engine moves. The end of the hose not connected to the turbo is stationary.

Suffice to say, you probably need new engine mounts.

The hose may be an inferior design(?); hence, does not last very long when attached to an engine that moves very much.
Thanks for the reply, I guess that's a possibility I will check that out.
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