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Interchangeable Rims & Tires Want to Use older Snows and rims on RLine

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Have returned to VW with a purchase of one of the R line packages that turned my head recently. I love this 2018 Passat and even though it does not rip up the road, at my age now, it is the PERFECT car for me and runs like a watch so far and the mileage is outstanding for a larger family car that has that wonderful sporty look. White looks great on this car BTW. This of course comes with the larger, 235 40R 19 rims, and they do add an impressive stance to the car. Now I sort of loosely understand the use of other VW rim diameters and tire heights.

215/60 R16, 215/55 R17, 235/45 R18, 235/40 R19, 245/35 R20

to keep the same overall diameter... But I am curious about the brake rotors and calipers on this car? Clearance issues with the 16" rims? I have an opportunity to buy 4 nice older Passat Rims and Snow Tries.. 215 60R 16..... Does anyone have any experience with using the older rims and snows for Winter.. rather than dealing with changing tires out twice a year it is easier with a second set I can more or less do myself if I want.
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Yes sir, realize all of this. I will repeat my post a bit; ....I am more or less hoping to find someone with the "experience" of doing just this already to chime in. I do not have the new rims I want to buy in front of me, (they are VW rims, not aftermarket...) I will agree with the fact that it is the calipers and this inside clearance that is my only critical concern. Thanks for answering. Anyone doing this on their R Line?
I am happy to post this for everyone as it is good info. The 16" VW rims.....and then all other combinations of VW rims do fit over the brake calipers on a 2018 R Line Passat. This car only has the 2.0T motor. It is the "ONLY" motor available for this car and option. So anyone with the the R line package are good to make this same change if they want. The 126" rims do not look as good IMHO but snow tires are everywhere and cheap..

I can't be sure about the more expensive options with the V6... as I do not know nor have the need to research what brakes might be on those. Hope this helps someone.
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