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How to install an R32 steering wheel into your multifunction steering wheel equipped Passat


This wheel exchange was realized in a 2002 B5.5 Passat GLX. We are posting this for reference purposes. If you choose to attempt this MOD, you do so at your own risk. Honestly, mistakes can be costly....the payoff is great though. You will obviously loose cruise and stereo control functions but you will maintain horn function. Needless to say, every step is key. If you would like to perform this mod in your non-multifunction steering wheel equipped Passat, see Schmove's thread ---->

Tools required
3 spoke steering wheel
3 spoke VW airbag
Small flat-head screwdriver
Tiny flat-head screwdriver (used for glasses)
Thread lock
Electrical tape
Torx 55, 25 and 20 bits
3" or so length of wire
Socket wrench w/ extension

Easy to moderate in difficulty
About 1.5 hours

1. Disconnect NEG battery terminal

2. Remove fuse and knee panels

3. Remove multifunction controller relay (#451) - simply pull out.

4. Attach jumper wire from slot # 9 to slot # 18

5. Replace knee and fuse panels
6. Remove Multifunction wheel
Turn 90 degrees in either direction w/ key in ON position and release airbag clip.
Turn 180 degrees in opposite direction and release other airbag clip.

Gently pull airbag away to expose connector - remove using flat-head screwdriver.

Disconnect harness

Return steering wheel to neutral position and move key to OFF position
Remove center bolt using Torx 55 bit on socket wrench w/ extension

7. Modify 3 spoke steering wheel harness

8. Install 3 spoke wheel
Reinstall center bolt using Torx 55 bit and thread lock(torque to 50 Nm (37 ft-lb) if you wish)
Connect harness and airbag

Snap airbag in place

9. Replace NEG battery terminal
10. Turn key to ON position and test horn.

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