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So this project has been in the works for a while, bringing he B5 into this century yet again.

The longest part of this one was cutting the holes into the bumper properly to make it look and function as it should. Not the cleanest install but it ll do fine.

The control unit and buzzer clip onto the backside of the fuel door release:

The harness comes up through a hole in the RR trunk well where there is a plug in place from the factory:

You can pick up the Reverse signal from the taillight via that small white plug:

I picked up the pre-made harnesses from Kufatec to make this easy. The connections are fairly straightforward:

Reverse signal from the tail lamp and also a wire to the factory trailer light control module if you have it.

Up at the dash you have a ground, tap into fuse 9 for power, and k-line tap for coding.


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