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Help!! Cant find the right forum so i will discuss it here.

Just bought a 2000 Passer V6 automatic (though you can switch to manual with no clutch, WTF?) Anyway, has 135K miles and immediately had the radiator replaced and the valve cover gaskets by the lot I bought it from because it was advertised with no leaks. That helped the wallet. But now I have replaced the fuel pump and its working great but since then its taking a while to start up...sometimes. Hot or cold, it will start right up and then sometimes it will crank forn10n) seconds+ before it starts. HELP! What could it be ??

Also, my mirrors will no longer adjust and my windows in the front (passenter and driver) won't roll down. I can here the motors and was told by a VW guy that instead of ordering the whole new regulator you could get the plastic piece that normally breaks on the regulator helps cheap to save lots of $$$. Anybody know?

Thank you and looking forward to a reply or two.

21 - 28 of 28 Posts