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Info please (Searched). Wagon cargo/hatch trim pieces for purchase?

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I think I'm using the wrong terms for my searches but I am looking for the plastic interior trim pieces that are in the hatch/cargo area. My plastic pieces are fine but they are grey and I want black pieces. My neighbor brought up a good point that VW usually puts black at the top of the dash and the door panels and the wagon stops that tradition in the hatch/cargo area. So I would like to use black pieces in the cargo/hatch area where mine are grey. I understand the inside of the hatch is grey and so are the surrounding hatch/cargo plastic pieces but I would like to see how changing the grey plastic pieces (over the seatbelts along the bottom of the window and down the back of the hatch) along with the panel on the back of the hatch would look.

I looked here, Passat 98-05 B5/5.5 | CarParts4Sale, Inc. but didn't see those pieces. Well, I saw the large flat piece on the back of the hatch, but not the side pieces. I found the carpet below those pieces, side windows above those pieces, etc. So I am asking - WHAT ARE THOSE PIECES CALLED? And also why are they so hard to find?

My local junkyard has two wagons with black interiors but thier hatches are closed/latched and I can't open them to get to all of the screws to remove the panels so I was trying to find those plastic panels online but I can't find them. Any/all help will be appreciated. You guys have endured my newbie posts and I greatly appreciate the responses. :)
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Want to open the tailgate?
You'll either need the key (to unlock the gate from the outside); get power into the car (so that the gate release will function); or, yank off (and, likely, break) the lower gate trim (to manually release the gate at the latch.)

Try looking for "upper cargo trim"?

Interior trim pieces? Is there no manual release in the tailgate area?
Not on a B5.5 wagon.
Have you considered spray painting the grey bits black? Just an idea?....
There is that.
VHT vinyl dye (in a spray can) can be had at pretty much any parts store. And, it works quite well, so long as the surface is clean-clean.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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