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Hello good folk from Auckland NZ.

Regarding Passat Wagon 2002 VIN WVWZZZ3BZ3E003207

OK... here goes. Firstly thanks in advance for any help you can give. I am totally flummoxed over this one and have searched for an answer til the cows come in!

It isn't just a normal battery drain issue. The car was flooded by water, I got the CCM out, cleaned it, dried it and inspected it. I'm an avionics engineer originally by profession so thought I had done a decent job. There appears to be no more hardware damage.

When the battery is connected, ignition off, lights off, and using a good clamp meter there is 1.7 amp parasitic drain. FAR higher of course than there should be!!!! However, here's the strange thing. Ignition on... the current DROPS to 450ma. Lights on and ignition off... 250ma. This is just park lights and tail lights. Ignition off and up she goes to 1.7!

Other symptoms are key fob not working, rear tailgate latch not working. No alarm, sticky door lock passengers side (Right hand drive car), No interior lights, and possibly a couple of others I have overlooked. Car starts and operates the same whether CCM is attached or not attached.

What I have done thus far...
1) Obtained one of those brilliant little Foxwell 510's, scanned and found faults... related to missing voltage CCM... but could update as I haven't got scanner in front of me.
2) Checked all the fuses for drain. Removing all fuses doesn't lesson the drain.
3) Researched this like some kind of OCD Crazyman! Havn't found an answer that matches my problem. Found advice on battery drain but not this exact situation with the drain going down when ignition on.
4) Annoyed the hell out of my wife lying in bed pretending I'm nodding off whilst meanwhile I'm researching this!
5) Checked mirror heaters, seat heaters, all interior and door lights and wiring harness for shorts.
6) Scanned and reset a few codes

What I think it may be...
1) Maybe the alarm system is faulty or the CCM controlling the alarm could be a problem... when ignition is on the alarm problem might disappear?
2) CCM is completely fried... shudder
3) I've gone completely mad and I'm actually driving over the Rimutakas on the way for a decent feast of kai... and this isn't happening at all...

So there you have it... if anyone could assist then when you travel downunder pop in for a quenching ale!

Cheers Peter

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Much of your info doesn't add up.
If the CCM is unplugged it can't cause current draw.
If all fuses are removed, most things in the car can't cause current draw.
Switching park lights on can't reduce current draw.

Connect a series amp meter and re-check.
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