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I have a 1.8T 1998 Passat wagon and recently went through the painful and potentially costly experience of identifying and fixing a faulty ABS indication on the dash.

I refused Volkswagen's solution of simply replacing the ABS Hyrdraulic Block (AUD 3000 plus labour!) and eventually found the information I needed on the web.

I finally had the ABS electronic module rebuilt in Australia for just one tenth of the price and resent Volkswagen not telling me this was an option and still pretending they didn't know it was themselves.

I am now turning my efforts to the vehicle's non-functioning cruise control with very similar symptoms to those many describe in these forums.

Volkswagen have already had the car for three days, replaced a brake light switch and returned the car as 'requiring further diagnosis'.

Although they said the cruise control was now holding a speed of 80kmph, the new brake light switch has made no difference at all and when test driving the vehicle I suspect, they simply experienced one of the rare moments the cruise controls sometimes still works (and then only for a few minutes or so).

All of this now reminds me of my earlier experience and I suspect therefore, my best chance is to remove & send the CCM myself to the same people who rebuilt the ABS control module, to test and if possible, rebuild it. Does anyone agree?

If so, then while capable perhaps, I am no self starter or DIY enthusiast when it comes to cars.

Could anyone perhaps give me the heads up or a URL for instructions on how to locate & remove the cruise control module I need to send away and if so, suggest whether the car can still be driven with the module removed?

Sorry for the long message - I just wanted to paint a background to my pain and current problem. Regards from down under,
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