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2006 Volkswagen Concept A
Year 2006
Make Volkswagen
Model Concept A
Engine Location Front
Drive Type AWD
Introduced At 2006 Geneva Switzerland

Engine [Optional Engines]
Engine Configuration I
Cylinders 4
Engine Twincharger (TSI)
Aspiration/Induction Normal
Horsepower 150.00 HP (110.4 KW)

Standard Transmission
Gears 6
Transmission Automatic

Length 4.351 m | 171.3 in. | 4351 mm.
Width 1.851 m | 72.9 in. | 1851.7 mm.
Height 1.551 m | 61.1 in. | 1551.9 mm.
Wheelbase 2.601 m | 102.4 in. | 2601 mm.
Vehicles with similar dimensions

Tires / Wheels
Tires 295
Wheels 20 inch alloy rims

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Its an interesting concept - and one that I would get won't see production. But if it does, they'll need to resolve some of the lines around the roof and A-pillars and fit it with no bigger than 17" wheels (20's are going to mean too much expense for stock vehicles).

I also would like to see them outfit it with the 3.2L or 3.6L V6 engine as opposed to the twin charger or as a possible upgrade. I think this vehicle with AWD and 250bhp would make lots of young 20 somethings living in Vermont pretty happy.

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The general proportions remind me of the ol AMC eagle!! lol

Looks cool nonetheless... Probably would work for my needs and be lots of fun! Just offer it in a manual with the 3.2 and yeee haw!!
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