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Impressions on 235/40/18 Toyo Proxes 4? Gimme' some.

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What Movens are you getting? I was going to get the Moven GT2's untill they told me 6-8 weeks. I myself will be getting the Toyo Proxes 4's on a set up that I have on order. I've heard pretty good things about them, though I haven't obviously driven on mine yet. From what I hear they are a pretty good all around tire. Not loud, smooth ride, good in rain (don't know about snow), and a decent tread wear rating.
Yep, the moven GT2's. I don't care about the time... gives me something to think about. And time to do other mods, and get the *gulp* cash. :D

I don't think I really care about snow traction, I'm keeping my 16's w/ the Continental SportContacts for winter rims. These are spring-to-mid-fall rims/tires.
The Proxes 4's are great tires! Excellent treadwear from what I've seen from a W Rated Tire, and they handle the rain/snow very well. The tire also handles great for an all-season radial.

Why would you want a 2nd All-Season, if you already have a Winter-Set available? Have you considered going with an Ultra High Performance Tire for the Spring/Summer? I run Proxes 4's in the Fall/Winter and T1-S in the Spring/Summer.

Don't show a :mad: face when you can do a simple search and get all the answers you are looking for!!
Sorry, the anger was just boiling up inside me... feh. :)

Thanks for the impressions. And I'm keeping the stock 16's w/ the Conti's for winter rims because the Conti's still have a lot of tread left on them. So, when the Conti's run out, I'll buy the Proxes 4 for the 16's. Then when my upcoming Proxes 4 run out, I'll get the T1-S if I wasn't satisfied in the Proxes.

I just want the Proxes 4 because they seem like a good compromise between comfort and performance.

Could you give me a little bit of impressions on the T1-S's? I know Ultra-High performance tires are really great, but they are stickier, meaning they might have less tread life... do they?

Thanks. :)
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