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Hey everyone...

I still post here time and again to bug old friends and see whats happening in the community.. for those of you who dont already know, I bought a 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution about a year ago now. Well I was harassed to be faster then MVG(V4vangelder) for a while... So my long story short, had a few issues arise, so I decided to go balls to the wall and collect parts(for a few months) to do a FULL top to bottom rebuild/build or my Evo... I'm just going to copy and past what I have from my other thread to save time but here you go!!

Updated 6/24/12

Small backstory..

I've been on here doing my own thing for a good while, I got this car about a year ago, had some tasteful mods, but also some that really needed some attention. So after about 8 months I blew a spark plug, leak down tested and compression tested and my results were not the best, car still performed like it did on day one but on paper it looked terrible... still put down 297hp/320tq on a mustang dyno with the head issues. at 25psi on 93.

In any case, I had the mind set, and motivation of my close friends of "while you're/we're in there..." or "might as well..." turned into a lot of orders from MAP and parts gathering... so I'm doing it big, and doing it right.

Updated 6/24/12

Current parts list awaiting to go in...
DBB FP Black
TurboSmart WG
Shearer Fab Manifold
MAP O2 Dump
MAP 2.0L Stage 1 Engine Internal Rebuild Kit
Connecting Rods: Manley H-Beam
Pistons: Wiseco .020" Over
Bearings: ACL Main & Rod + Thrust
Main Studs: ARP
MAP 4G63 High Performance Valves
GSC Power-Division Single Beehive Valve Springs
GSC Power-Division S2 Camshafts for Evolution 4-8 VIII
ARP Cylinder Head Studs
Balance Shaft Elimination Kit
MAP Exhaust Manifold Stud and Nut Kit
Head Gasket: OEM Mitsubishi (MLS) Evo 8
Timing Belt: OEM Mitsubishi
OEM Master Gasket Set Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Evo 8
OEM Timing Belt Idler Pulley Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Evo 8/9
OEM Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Evo
OEM Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley (Evo)
Gates 03-05 Lancer Evolution/MR/RS 2.0L Water Pump
Gates Timing Belt Tensioner Adjuster (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9)
Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Front Engine Mount (Evo 8 / 9)
Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Passenger Side Engine Mount (Evo
Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Rear Engine Mount (Evo 8 / 9)

Still have parts coming...

The last drive of the evo... At Wicked Big Meet(thanks RallysportDirect)

and as of yesterday morning I started slow..

Then my friends showed up and we went to town..

bye bye AC

Along the way we discovered some issues... previous owner used 2 gaskets on my exhaust manifold gasket...:confused: as well as this when we pulled the valve cover to see how it looked....

Wtf is that on the cam? some sort of sealant?

another fun gem we found was this interesting( to say the least) downpipe...

(3'' test pipe with a burnt plastic bag welded to a stock down pipe hammered and ground down with a half missing thermal wrap)

As it sits now, motor is still in it, had a hell of a time getting the passenger side axle out.. now we need a slide hammer to continue, so we wrapped it up here..
its much cleaner now but this is pretty much where we ended...

And... Its out :) Goes to the shop this week for the rebuild!

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Wow guess I missed this. Looks like a lot of fun.

I am curious as to what that brown stuff is on the camshaft as well, did you find out?

I'll be waiting for more updates:thumbup:
Thanks, fun, thats a simple way to put it :) Learning a lot from this.. as for the camshaft, im going to ask the guy who's building it tomorrow about it, but its no where else in there so I dont think its sealant for the cams. Presently the motor is loaded up and ready to go.
Interesting, what kind of numbers do you expect to get from this when all is said and done?
I'm building it to support 650+, the FP Black turbo on e85 fueling will get me well over that(in the 700s safely) on 93 I'm going to have a aggressive tune around 600 and a more conservative tune at like 500hp/425tq (ish)
subscribed and waiting for updates. definitely looks like to the brown stuff maybe the head gasket was seeping a bit?
Thank you :) Really no clue, even my motor guys arent sure, guess its a guessing game at this point... however I bought new cams to replace these anyway :thumbup:
nice, B. waiting to see how this comes out.

I spy a Kutz in one of those pix. pull yer pants up, junior.
Thanks Jay, hopefully in a few weeks it'll be ready to turn over... LOL yeah Kevin, good eye :lol:

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Gotta say, that looks like coolant/oil mix on the cam and the surrounding areas from first glance. It's probably not, as I'm sure you'd know if you had a cracked head or BHG.
Yeah we ruled that out. my coolant was seriously re-useable it was so clean... but no leaking from the HG(that we can see/or noticed in leak down) but, honestly dont know at this point haha

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