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Hello all. I bought a 2003 Passat 2.8L V6 for my wife a month ago. I have been going through it fixing all the little issues. I fixed the oil leak which came from the passenger side rear cam plug. I bought a new one online and lubed it up with some Gold RTV and let it sit for 24hrs. The oil leak and burning smell is now gone (YAY!). I also fixed a coolant leak which was simple. The heater hose coming on the fire wall was not seated properly.

My problem is...the notorious auxiliary fan is running all the time. It runs right away once the engine turns over and runs on low speed for about 10 mins after the car is off. I've searched extensively online, but still have questions. I replaced the "BLUE" sensor switch on the lower radiator hose thinking that was the fix, but NO. I looked at the relays under the dash, but I only have relay 374 and 370 (not the culprit 214 215 relays). This Passat has Climatronic and I ran the codes their and nothing came up other than the typical servos for the vents. The car runs at normal temp on the idiot gauge and seems to run around 95 Celsius or less on the diagnostic screen on Climatronic ( # 54).

I'm out of ideas, what could it be?
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