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A number of new users have sent me PMs recently, saying that they can not post. I have talked with the site administrator, and this is what is believed to be going on:

Email providers are blocking our email outputs as spam, we have been trying to deal with the issue. If a user is in that user group ask them what email provider they use...

bell south

are a few that block us or throttle us as spam

Here is what I have for other sites.
Hey Everyone,

To address the Sites concerns about email notifications either not being sent or being sent late. We are aware of the situation and are working on getting it fixed. If you are having issues with email notifications please contact your email provider and ask them to allow our email server to send notifications without being blocked as spam.

Right now the biggest companies we are having issues with are
- comcast
- bell south
- Aol
- Yahoo

Basically the email provider is either throttling our emails OR blocking them all together.

EXAMPLE: Comcast
Their ISP is throttling our email server. This means that all emails sent from our server are being slowly allowed to pass through their block. As in they only allow X amount ( lets say 100 ) emails in for every Y amount of time ( lets say 1hour ) this means that every hour only 100 emails are getting through. This causes a HUGE back up and eventually we stop trying to send the email after 7 days.

EXAMPLE: Bell South
They are blocking our mail server all together. They see us as spam.

We have contacted the email providers in question and the issue is resolved for a few days hours even but then goes back to not allowing us as spam

Since we are not a client of Comcast or Bell south or Yahoo or AOL they are not as helpful as they would be if their clients were the ones asking to have us unblocked. So if you are having issues it would help if you did contact your network provider and have them UN block our email server.
if that doesn't work, send Urlik, Steve in Chicago or VAGguy a PM and they will try to help you. I am no longer a moderator on the site.


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I had no troubles, so I can only assume this is part of the second required posting...or you may not have clicked the link in yout E-mail . :)

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Also having trouble making my first post in b5 forum. Will see if this reply does the trick or waiting a few hours.
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