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I'm lost????

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What in the world is involved in the audi a8 brake upgrade??? I went to ecs and saw the 12.3" rotors for $75 each. I also need carriers right??? Which ones do I get?? Is this an effective method??? I really can't see spending $150 on rotors and 200 on carriers for 1"???? Please help, this is next on my list of ttd (things to do). Also, any one have input on stainless brake lines. Last question, can I keep my stock 15" wheels on this upgrade.

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Replace the disks with those from an A8 and the carriers with those from a TT and that's about it.

Is it effective? Somewhat. Generally Passat brakes seem to be rear biased. There are people who race them and don't find any benefit in upgrading the rears.

Try and you'll see the kit including disks, carriers and pads for less money.

$430 total:-

Have a good look at too, they deal with the fact that it's not worth touching the rears.
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for the A8 upgrade, I believe you need 17" rims. Check this link from a thread I started a while back. I plan to do an upgrade myself, and don't see paying big bucks to do it. If this doesn't tell you what you need to know, try a search.
You may be able to do 16" but like everything else, TEST fit a wheel.

I tried this with a set of 986 calipers on the Montreal alloy wheels. Diameter-wise, the 16" rim fit perfectly. Offset wise though, we "just" got a piece of paper slipped between the spoke and the caliper. It spoke's never touched the caliper while spinning it but then again had we brought the wheels to running temperatures (on a hot day, it can easily get to 100 deg.) that might of been a diffferent outcome. You would then need wheel spacers; not much; just about 2mm.
That one inch more adds alot of swept area, and the caliper being further out is better too, though I am not a physics major it makes sense when I think of it.
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