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I'm liking the new whip. :)

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I sold the Passat and bought a SRT6. Here are a few quick videos for anyone that's really bored. :)

0-100MPH YouTube - 0-100 MPH in the Crossfire

8.2 @ 88MPH YouTube - track run 8.2 @ 88 (boost leak) 4-22-11.AVI

Wife driving
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Yawn. Ooh straight line.
thought that second was a quarter mile at first, i was like wow... then realized it was 16th. Pretty cool. not a fan of automatic :/
Or chrysler.:whistle:
I thought that was a 10 year old Benz underneath.
8.2 @ 88MPH YouTube - track run 8.2 @ 88 (boost leak) 4-22-11.AVI
The pickup truck driver must have been really impressed.:p
I've seen that video. That track is known for paint-swapping, so the Jeep owner wasn't very smart. Yes, real racing includes turns, but I don't have the money for brakes and tires every few weeks.
If you catch the context of that race it comes together; apparently this was a track race early at a demolition weekend. I guess the owner crashes SRT8 jeeps for sport.
I hit the 1/4 a little while back and ran a 12.30 @ 111. Not bad for street tires.

Here's the video:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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