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If You Only Watch One You Tube Video In Your Entire Life, Make It This One...

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GTO! Epic, epic, epic! Racing at its best, the drivers were battling for control of their cars, as much as they were the other drivers. Just fantastic motor sports action.

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Awesome race! Why the heck do they require a driver change in a one hour race, to give more guys a chance at the fun?

And now on my hard drive thanks to Freemake video downloader. :thumbup:
Freakin' amazing. How they fight those (steering) wheels to get the road feedback and slide around the track...
Great vid, how people can do that to 7 and 8 figure cars is beyond me.
a 1/4 of a billion pounds worth of cars! Awesome when they start comparing the torque and then the 6 cyl American cobra taking the lead.
Great vid, how people can do that to 7 and 8 figure cars is beyond me.
Those guys behind the wheel are among the very few actually qualified to do that! And to have owners that realize the greatest meaning those cars have is to be on the track. :thumbup:

BTW, we do realize that the Nick Mason mentioned as the owner of the #22 Ferrari 250 GTO is the Nick Mason of Pink Floyd? :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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