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Ive put in my headunit, sub, and amp so far and everythings worked just fine. Ive put in door speakers in my other cars, but they were japanese, and as i learned when installing the other stuff, the European and japanese cars are quite different. Anyway, ive gone through 4 or 5 threads on here trying to figure out how to get the door panels off. This is what I have gathered...but its not right because it isnt working.

Step 1) Unscrew the torx bit thats on the bottom of the door.

Step 2) Pop some piece off the grab handle and unscrew the stuff under stuck here because i dont know how to remove the parts of the grab handle. I tried prying the wood accent piece off of the grab handle, it did give a little like it might come off but instead it chipped...:-\

Step 3) Once the panel comes off wrestle with all sorts of wires while doing a balancing act with the panel so it dosnt fall

Just wondering if someone could clarify steps 2 and 3. Luckily I am mechanically skilled enough to have located the said torx screw and removed it, so I think I have step 1 under control.

And one final one of the threads explaining the door speaker wiring with pictures, i saw the stock speaker that is in seems that once you cut off the factory connector there would be four wires left. What ones do i connect to the (-) and which ones to the (+) on my new speakers?
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