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I Need a parts list of what we replace on the PCV system on the AWM engine...

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I tried searching this, but I'm either not using the correct criteria or I find stuff for other engine codes. Can somebody give me the 411 on exactly what I need for 1.8T AWM engine? I'm getting a little seepage of oil around the valve cover and I'm beginning to think that maybe the PCV is the culprit.

My B5.5 is a 2003 model, 1.8T engine, 55,000 mostly suburban miles. All oil changes with 502.00 spec or better oil. A schematic would be helpful, too!

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Also check out EKTA 133-25 for the "suction pump." That was plugged on mine. I replaced those other items too, but the suction pump was really the only bad one. It, and the PCV "bleeder" valve (6,6a) seem to be hooked up differently than in my 2001 AUG engine. It is the angled branch of the "Y" which is most likely to plug. If you unhook the hose from that, and can feel suction when the engine is running, the suction pump is probably okay.
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