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I Need a parts list of what we replace on the PCV system on the AWM engine...

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I tried searching this, but I'm either not using the correct criteria or I find stuff for other engine codes. Can somebody give me the 411 on exactly what I need for 1.8T AWM engine? I'm getting a little seepage of oil around the valve cover and I'm beginning to think that maybe the PCV is the culprit.

My B5.5 is a 2003 model, 1.8T engine, 55,000 mostly suburban miles. All oil changes with 502.00 spec or better oil. A schematic would be helpful, too!

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That doesn't match my AWM engine. The puck is on the intake hose (not the back of the engine) and there's no purge valve (058) in the diagram, which I understand is a prime suspect for the leaky valve cover.
2002 AWM and 2003 AWM are VERY different...found that out when comparing VAGguy's '03 and my '02. My '02 B5.5 AWM has the puck up front like you described.

Gotsta be careful when comparing ETKA and years....there ARE differences in the AWM engine based on year.
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