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I dropped my car and...

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Today as I was pulling of my driveway I forgot that my car is lower and I hit the bump with the front lower valence. Oh, well it happens. Ten minutes later making 60mhp on the road I heard some noise. I stopped my car and checked what was going on. The front part of my belly pan was gone. I had to damage it when pulling of the driveway and while driving if broke into pieces. :mad: So far I used some of the HVAC duck tape to keep it in place.... :suspicio:
Does anyone know any good place where I can get belly pan for '98 1.8T for cheap? Any ideas on fixing it? I was thinking of hetting a sheet of metal and bolting it into the missing place....
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Liberty, get a hold of Tim (Blownaway)
Shitzaaaaa, damn man i feel bad for you. I wish i could help :???:

GL, i hope everything works out for you, i love your drop :thumbup:
i guess that will be a lesson for ya. you can no longer driver your car like u use to.

i just came back from my first trip into NYC since my drop :puke: :nervous:
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