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This is not going to be in great detail, nor do I have any pics as it was just me, myself, and I , and I needed to get this done in a hurry. But, after searching high and low on how to use ONLY my angel eyes (no other lights at all, just the angel eye "rings") in my DEPO headlights with NO euroswitch to no avail, I figured it out on my own... and it is butt-ass simple.

Doing the following mod will allow you to run your halo / angel eye rings without any other lights in the headlight being on. When you turn your key once, the halo / angel eyes will come on automatically. They will stay on when you turn your car on, and will only turn off when you turn off your car. There is no switch to control the halo / angel eyes with this mod.

**You must disable your day time running lights (DRLs) if you want ONLY your halo / angel eyes to be on**

1. Remove the "shorter" rubber covers on each headlight

2. Reach in and gently find the one red and one black wire that are running to the harness plug of the headlight.

3. These wires will be running from one of the small led lights on the angel eye ring to a white plastic connector (then from that connector to the harness plug). You want to cut them right at that white connector.

4. You should now have one red and one black wire coming from that led angel eye ring... These are now your power (red) and ground (black).

5. Do the same as above on the other headlight.

6. Now, from the drivers side headlight, however you want, connect the red power wire to a nice long piece of new wire (I did 6ft to be safe).

7. In your engine bay, in the top right hand corner, you will see a large black box with a little umbrella on it... remove its cover. **You can route your wire any way you would like to this box, I went through two large rubber grommets and it was pretty much a straight shot. You need to have your wire running into this box.**

8. Remove interior fuse box cover (located on the dashboard of the drivers side. Door must be open to access it.)

9. Remove drivers lower dash panel. (Very easy, just four bolts) You can let it hang, or remove the headlight switch, dimmer switch, and OBDII plug, and remove completely (That's what I did) **might want to disable your DRLs at this point if you haven't already done so**

10. Back at the front of the vehicle now, looking into that black box again, in the back left corner of the box, you will see a bunch of wires running down toward the inside of the car.

11. Take a straightened out wire hanger (put some electrical tape on the end of it so you don't nick any other wires) and gently push the hanger down, following those other wires.

12. Stop after about a 12" and tape your new wire to the end of the hanger. Then, go under your dash and PULL the hanger the rest of the way through. Cut off the wire from the hanger.

13. You should now have a wire that runs from that led angel eye light in your drivers side headlight, all the way through that black box, through the fire wall, and hanging down under the dash inside the car.

14. Any way that you please, connect this wire to the 75x nut (search to find this location by typing "75x location" if you don't already know) under the dash, to the left of the steering column.

15. Zip tie the wire up if you need to, replace the dash panel, replace the fuse panel, and replace the cover to the black box.

16. Now move to your passenger headlight. Take a new piece of red wire and connect it to the red wire coming from the angel eye led light.

17. Run this new wire to the drivers side headlight.

18. Using a tap in connector, connect the new red wire running from the passenger headlight to the red wire that is running all the way under your dash into your car. Do this at the back of the drivers side headlight.

19. At this point, you now have power running to all of your angel eye rings!... but they are not grounded yet...

20. Run a black wire from the negative terminal of you battery to the PASSENGER side headlight. (Again, route it any way you please) This is your GROUND wire

21. Connect this black wire to the black wire that is coming from the led angel eye light.

22. Now you have your passenger side angel eyes all hooked up and ready to go.

23. Now, run another black wire from the drivers side black led angel eye wire to the black ground wire and, using a tap connector, connect them.

24. All of your angel eyes are now powered and grounded.

26. Clean all the wires up any way you would like (I used plastic tubing and zip ties)

27. Replace rubber covers on back of headlights. (I cut two little holes in each one to allow the wires to pass through)

28. You are finally f'ing finished!!! Enjoy!!!

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Thanks. Found this post very helpful.
I didn't use the path through the ECU box, but rather found a small triangular rubber grommet closer to the center line of the car. Only had to loosen the lower dash panel too, rather than remove it. Piggy backed into the unused fuse for the rear wiper rather than the 75X location with one of those insert-able fused "add-a-circuit" thingies

Not sure what combination of search terms finally turned this up; I've been hunting for a while, but it should be stickied if it already isn't
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