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OK - as you may have seen in my earlier threads - my Passat constantly fails on the left bank cat with a low O2 error code.

My dealer swears my car has had the known ECU update. So, before I have to splash out on a new CAT (dealer price is £649 + VAT - cheapest aftermarket unit I could find is £269 +VAT - I'd like to rule out the sensor.

Is it easy to clean and replace - if so where is it positioned and how?

Will the car run fine without the sensor at all and the emissions light go out?

If so, can I remove both sensors? It was my understanding that these sensors although cataloguing emission data and reporting CAT faults do not influence or alter the way the car runs.

I've had the emissions light on for some months for some months now - but recently converted the vehicle to LPG - which is far cleaner so the car will be tested using this fuel (I presume)?

Any suggestions let me know - the emission light drives me crazy...
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