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I have seen a few threads about people complaining about problems interfacing a serial VAG-COM to their car. I was just in this same situation and have discovered a fix you should try if you are using a USB->serial adapter between a computer USB port and a serial VAG-COM adapter.

My device driver was assigning the serial port out of the range of the VAG-COM software, which can only go from ports 1 through 4. Depending on the USB port, I'd go 6-9. If you are Windows:

1. Go to Control Panel->System->Hardware Tab->Device Manager Button
2. Expand "Ports (COM & LPT). Your USB->Serial device should be listed. Also take note of whatever COM ports are already listed.
3. Double click on the USB->serial adapter listing
4. Go to the Port Settings Tab
5. Under Advanced: Change the COM Port Number to something between COM1 and COM4 (inclusive) that isn't already taken in your ports listing. The list you see when doing this will probably claim they're all in use, and you will be prompted as such when you try to assert your changes. Let it go through anyways.

You should now be able to properly test the device under VAG-COM! :thumbup:

Now if somebody could help me diagnose these three engine codes I got. :cry:
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