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I did this on my 2007 B6 Passat wagon

I fixed the problem of the total armrest not coming down by putting 2 squares of Velcro at each upper corner. This allows the cup holder section to stay attached the the back section to allow both to fold down (why it's made that way is beyond me) and allowing easy separation when it's down. Works perfectly.

That being said, I struggled through the cup holder replacement on my own with success. I purchased a replacement rear seat cup holder insert on eBay. Getting the black plastic frame off was necessary in order to create enough room for two screwdrivers. To get the frame off, you need to use a small jewelers flat screwdriver to pop each of about 5 or 6 plastic connectors up. Each of these connectors consist of a hole on the plastic frame that pops over similar number plastic bumps on the main armrest/cup holder. Hard to explain but you should understand when you attempt it.

Once you remove the thin plastic frame, you need 2 small flat jewelers screwdrivers and 2 needle-nosed pliers. If you have the replacement cup holder insert like I did, you can see the metal clips on each side that hold the insert in the armrest cavity. It wasn't as easy as I expected to get it out. It would certainly be easier with 2 people because it's difficult to push both of these metal clips in at the same time. I managed to jam one screwdriver into one side (pushing the metal clip in towards the metal cup holder frame), pull out that side just enough to keep the clip from popping back in place, jam the second jeweler screwdriver into tho other side, and then grab the metal frame at the top edge with 2 needle-nosed pliers and pull hard. Maybe yours will slide out easier than mine.

After you get the original broken cup holder out, the new one slides in and clicks into place easily. You have to be pretty careful lining up the thin plastic frame and popping it back in (my replacement insert didn't come with the frame so I had to be careful with the original so I could use it).

I paid $19.75 for my replacement cup holder on eBay.

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