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I had trouble finding a walkthrough, so I decided to post one, seeing as though changing the battery in this car is a PITA. Follow along, and you won't have to deal with radio codes, throttle body settings, etc.

What you'll need:

13mm, 10mm Socket
Rachet Extension
Battery Charger

First off, remove the plastic cowling that sits above the battery. Pull the rubber surrounding it, and slide toward the front of the car.

Next you will need to remove the battery hold down bolt, 13mm...

Hook up a battery charger on the leads to preserve your computer's settings. And then disconnect from them from the battery.

Now, pull the battery towards the passenger side. Lift up from the front corner of the battery, and pull upwards. The battery will come out.

Next insert the new battery the opposite way you just pulled it out.

The you bolt down the battery hold down "L bracket". Reattach the leads to the terminals, and disconnect the battery charger. Put the cowling back on, and give her a test start. Purrrrrr!

Additional info:

The new battery was an Interstate MTP-91.

L = 11 3/8"
W = 6 7/8"
H = 7 1/2"

Also, a spare battery can be used in place of the charger.
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