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Project completed on 1998 Passat 1.8T Manual Transmission

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that some wiring colors and positions have changed over the model years to do this at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your car by you or anyone else.

Tools Needed

8mm socket
10mm socket
Wire strippers
Flat headed screwdriver
Torx bits
Phillips headed screwdriver
Heat gun
Metal clothes hanger
Test light/multimeter

Parts Needed

-$30.59 (1) 3B0 941 333 C - Rheostat for headlight range adjustment
-$74.34 (1) 3B0 941 295 - Adjustment motor for headlight
-$72.09 (1) 3B0 941 295 B - Adjustment motor for headlight
-$1.80 (2) 443 941 323 - O-ring/Washer for adjustment motors
-$0.82 (6) 357 972 741 - Grommet, single Wiring Seal, 3 for each harness
-$5.80 (2) 357 972 753 - Housing for headlight Adjustment 3 pin
-$3.04 (1) 1J0 972 723 - Harness for dimmer switch
-$2.47 (6) 000 979 225 - Wire repair for all harness plugs
-18-22 gauge butt connectors (red)
-Scotch-lock connectors
-18 gauge black wire
-18 gauge red wire
-5ft of wire loom (cosmetic dress up)
-Black electrical tape

Prep Before Installation

-Cut 3 of the new repair wires that you ordered with your parts in half. Use the blue silicone grommets and put over the new wire. This will require some finesse. Make sure to install smaller side of grommet 1st. Push new wires into the 3-pin harness. Next, push the silicone grommet into the connection making sure no water will get in. Do this same process for the second connection as well. Then, use one more wire, and cut in half. This will go into position #2 and #4 on the new dimmer switch harness. Push all the way in until they "click". Position #6 will remain empty.

Motor Installation

-1 Disconnect headlights from headlight harness.
-2 Remove corner turn signals.
-3 Remove Torx screws and caps from headlights.
-4 Remove rubber hood stop with Phillips screwdriver.
-5 Carefully remove headlights from car.
-6 On the back of the headlight there will be a white, plastic, circular connection. Turn this to the left (counter clockwise) until part comes loose. Inside of the headlight, remove the ball section from the connecting piece on the headlight housing. Be very careful with this so you do not break any of the mounting and adjuster screws inside of the housing.

-7 Use rubber seal you ordered from your parts list and install over the motor so it sits secure with the motor surface.
-8 Install motor ball into the joint in the housing, and secure by turning clockwise (Motors will be identical so you may need to figure out which motor goes on which side of the headlight. I am not able to confirm this since the part numbers are my motors have been removed by Hella).
9 Reinstall headlights and connections and make sure the inner housing for the lights are secure and not rattling around.

Electrical Motor Installation

Use all caution when working on electrical systems on any, and all cars.

-1 Disconnect battery
-2 Remove headlight switch. Push, and turn to the right and pull out. Disconnect wire harness.
-3 Remove fuse panel cover and remove (4) 8mm screws from under the steering wheel, and fuse panel holding the lower kick panel to the dash. Disconnect dimmer switch and wire harness. Set panel to the side so it doesn't get broken.
-4 Remove (5) 8mm screws holding metal plate to the lower dash. Three screws will be on the right of steering column, and two on the left side. Remove plate and side aside with dash panel.
-5 With headlight switch and headlight harness in hand, look for the pin # 56 on the back of the switch. Match this up with the correct pin # on the harness. It SHOULD be a solid red wire going to the switch to offer all power. Tap a wire (1ft of 18gauge red wire) to this using either a Scotchlock connector, or by shaving some wire insulation and winding your new wire in with this. This way, you don't have any breaks in the wire. Wrap with electrical tape when done. Strip the end of this new wire and connect with wire coming out of position #4 on the new harness for the new dimmer.
-6 Cut the harness off of the dimmer wire loom. Use the terminals from the yellow patch wires you ordered and connect with 18-22 gauge butt connectors. Use the heat gun to shrink the connectors around the wires. Connect the new wires into the new harness in the correct positions in the wire diagram below.

-7 Use the 8mm socket and remove the ECU box cover.
-8 Take the flat head screwdriver, and remove the metal bracket holding the ECU down. Insert screwdriver at bottom of bracket and push towards the other side of the ECU. This will allow you to set the ECU to the side. NO NEED TO DISCONNECT.
-9 Use the metal clothes hanger and insert the hanger down FROM the engine into the passenger compartment. In the drivers’ foot well, look for the wire, and attach your power wire to the bottom. Pull wire up slowly from the engine bay. Cut nipple on ECU box so that you can pass the new wire through the rubber in the front of the box. Pull enough wire through where you can pass the 2nd firewall and down into the drivers' side headlight. Allow atleast 1ft extra wire just incase you mess up.
-10 Inside of the car, leave a good 1ft of extra wire from the firewall to position #2 on the dimmer harness. Strip the 2 wires and make your connection using an 18-22gauge butt connector. Use heat gun to shrink the connection.

-11 Take the power wire from the dash and connect it to #2 on the harness for the motor using a butt connector. Make sure connection is secure, and heat with heat gun to shrink the wrapping.
-12 Temporarily connect battery and turn ignition on. Turn headlights on so only low beams are on. Use the test light to probe the connections in the headlight harness to make sure that the yellow wire is the correct wire. When you find the correct wire, tap the wire with a Scotchlock connector to position #1 on the motor harness. This wire should be long enough to not have to connect any other wire extension.
-13 Use the wire from position #3 on the harness and use a Scotchlock to connect it to the brown ground wire on the harness, or to ground the wire to the chassis. (I grounded to the chassis as my connections at the headlight were large as it is. I connected a section of 2ft of black wire, used a washer connection to ground to a bolt on the power steering tank.)
-14 Bundle the wires, make sure all connections are secure. Turn ignition on and headlights. Put new dimmer switch in and check motor operation. DO NOT move the switch all the way up or down, do it slowly. If you do it too fast, its possible that you can break adjustment screws inside of the lights. If you begin to hear something crunch, adjust the headlights up or down accordingly before proceeding.
-15 Use a Scotchlock connection and tap the wire coming out of the ECU box and route it to the passenger side of the car. Find a rubber grommet where you can pass the new wire though.
-16 Make same connections as above in steps 11-13.
- 17 Use small zip ties and the wire loom to conceal the wires coming from the dash, firewall, and around the headlights (this is optional, but helps to clean the wiring up).

I will edit this post later with new pictures and will rehost the picture above on my own server. If you have ANY questions about this install, please post them in THIS thread. If you see any discrepencies about this install please let me know so I can update accordingly.

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