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2002 Passat Wagon 2.4L
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I'm having trouble with the rear passenger door lock on this 2002 Passat Wagon. the actuator opens with the remote and with the manual switch but will not lock the door. I pulled the door panel off hopefully to get access to the actuator only to find the nightmare has just begun!
Once I figured out the 2 hidden bolts concealed under the door pull to remove the panel the next problem was how to get access to the actuator? (Yes the attached photo shows the bolts holding the inner panel not removed)
The window motor and track is in the way to remove the inner panel. When I lowered the door glass thinking I could just release the panel and window track together I was stumped. Then I thought of removing the window motor first as the next step and noticed all these wires to the motor! Not to mention no access to release it from the panel.
Were the engineers that designed this setup on medication or just looking to hold onto their jobs? Why so many wires for a DC motor that can be activated from the drivers panel and the rear door? 6 maybe but 12! Is the CCM suppose to control it to not lock?
My real problem is getting to the actuator. I thought I would throw this out hopefully someone could explain what they were thinking when they designed this?
And more important access to the lock actuator!
Many thanks for all that has help me so far!


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