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how long do the little rollers and tensioners last?

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I searched back to 03 and didnt find much, if i had an old style tensioner 97-00(i think) ,i would replace it, I have the new one already(03),does it need replacing too? I was just gonna replace the belt then next time i do the belt i would replace the rollers,tensioners etc...can those little items last 120k? i am also doing an fmic and this stuff i found from a few years ago.I want to do all that is NEEDED while the front of the car is off. I found a ton of input for 98-00 but not much for the newer guys. I know you people have replaced something sometime,havent you? any other 70k info is welcome
peppy said:
Engine Oil - change
Engine Filter - change
Timing Belt - replace
Tensioner - replace
Ribbed Belt - check condition
Spark Plugs - replace
Air Cleaner - replace filter not sure on this one either
Brake System - check damage/leaks, pad thickness, fluid level
Pollen Filter - replace I dont know what/where this is
Cooling System - check level
Automatic Transmission - check for leaks
Manual Transmission - check for leaks
Driveshaft - check boots
Door Hinge - lube ill search for a how to
Brake Fluid - change
Check Automatic Trans. Fluid and Differential for leaks, level; add if necessary
Front Axle - check dust seals, ball joints, tie rods
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The timing belt tensioner should always be replaced with the timing belt.

As far as the accessory rollers...I had my doubts, because I used to have a howling sound, like maybe a lube-starved roller bearing, for five minutes after startup in very cold weather. I haven't heard the sound for the last 50K miles. Meanwhile, knock on wood, I'm at 110K with the no bum rollers as of today.
Replace the tensioner, tension roller,idle roller and the water pump. It's 50-50 between failures for the tensioner and water pump on the AWM. The rollers are cheap, you really don't want to go in to replace one after changing the timing belt.
Well, my '99 is proof that the old rollers can last to 120k and then some, but with the luck ppl have on this site I wouldn't chance it.
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