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How do you remove BBS center caps...?

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I just got a set of the CH's and probably am going to get some VW centers for them, but i can't seem to pop these things outta place...?

Any hints...?

Also, does anyone know the size of the BBS center so i can order the correct VW caps...?
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The caps are 70 mm in size. I believe they just pop out from the inside although they can be stubborn sometimes.
yeah, they are... i'm afraid of sanpping the tabs... they are in there tighter than a virgin on prom night... :nervous:
I know its up to u to change them and all but I would leave the BBS caps on, I know you dont have to show off but when you got BBSs eheh :lol: the BBS centercap looks good as weel. just my pinion ...
Why would you want to mask your BBS's? That's a sin...

Unless you want a 'sleeper' look... but I doubt anybody would think that a BBS CH was made by VW, even with the centercaps.
Keep the BBS caps... :crazy:

Thats what youre paying for!
I replaced the BBS center caps with VW OE center caps. I think it is really just a matter of choice. I may switch back to the BBS eventually. The BBS caps, unlike the VW caps, do not have a clip that you depress w/ a screwdriver to remove the cap. You have to just push the BBS caps out w/ brute force. It is not too hard to break the plastic tabs that hold the BBS cap in (yes, I broke one).
i don't think anyone is going to mistake the CH's for an OEM rim...

i just like the OEM "loook"...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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