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since im on a role flushing stuff on the passat

is flushing powersteering like flushing trasnmission after a certian point you doint do it becuase it will do more harm than good ?

any help appreshated

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LOL, funny you should mention this, I did this very thing about a year back.
There is a return pipe going back to the Power steering resevoir. I disconnected this and extended it to a can using a piece of tubing.
Then blocking the hole up in the resevoir with a rubber bung.
Started up the car and had my buddy turn the wheels from left to right.
This caused the P/S pump to pump fluid into the steeing rack then into my can :)
It's just a matter of adding PS fluid to keep the level up.
Oh and yelling at your buddy to stop fecking turning when the level gets too low.

Hope this helps...
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