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4th Gear (Wax on Wax off)
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1) I removed the pieces and did a thorough Dawn wash
2) Sanded with 400 then 600 but I never took all the texture off
3) Wiped it down twice thoroughly with a body shop prep solvent
4) I used Plasti-Kote Caliper paint on it ( cuz I had some) took about 1 1/2 cans.
5) I applied numerous "VERY" light coats. I found if I applied too heavy the solvents in the paint would lift oils or something in the plastic and I would get fish eyes. Prior to each coat I warmed the piece with a hair dryer and immediatly after a coat I dried it with heat.
6) After I had the color and depth I wanted I shot it with Plasti-Kote #629 Clear coat. I warmed the piece first with the hair dryer then sprayed about 1/2 the piece with a heavy clear coat and immediatly hit it with the hair dryer. This way there was no runs and it didn't seperate the color below.

I removed the fasteners by turning the piece over and using a Dremel with a burr I cut as small slot in the side of the fastener hole then slipped the fastener out.

The 3 raised lines on the valve covers I masked over with 3/4" masking tape and the tape was exactly the same width as all 3 lines. Once the tape was on secure I took a razor knife and slit off the portions of tape between the lines leaving the top of the lines masked over.

Cost $8.00 - Brake Caliper Paint
$7.00 - Clear coat
$7.00 - Prepsol ( Which I use for a lot of other paint pre cleaning.)
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