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how do i replace fuel injectors in 2008 v6 3.6?

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I have a 2008 v6 that needs fuel injector replaced. I want to replace all of them. Shop's charging me an arm and a leg and I can't afford it at the moment. I figured I could prob do it myself with a little guidance, but I can't find any post that might talk me through. Is there anyone that can send me a link that might be able to help me?
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it has a fuel rail. i found how to replace them just need to know how to place bumper in service position.
thanks for the info. I finally was able to remove bumper cover to find out that someone (prob previous owner) broke bumper cover attempting to remove it. There are two nuts you have to remove on passenger side. The bolts are almost impossible to see since they are behind wiper fluid reservoir. The top nut is impossible to access without removing reservoir. I didn’t remove it since bumper cover fell because it was previously broken (they glued it back on lol). It took me a long time to figure out where the nuts were. On driver side they are fairly easy to access.
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