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how do i replace fuel injectors in 2008 v6 3.6?

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I have a 2008 v6 that needs fuel injector replaced. I want to replace all of them. Shop's charging me an arm and a leg and I can't afford it at the moment. I figured I could prob do it myself with a little guidance, but I can't find any post that might talk me through. Is there anyone that can send me a link that might be able to help me?
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I have the 2.0T with direct fuel injection, does the 3.6 have direct fuel injection or does it have a fuel rail?
similar to B5.5 pretty sure, go to information base in search section and there is some info, basically remove front wheels for access, take out inner fender liner...I take it all out as trying to flip it back is not worth trouble ,remove plastic grille and bumper cover and disconnect and lamp/light wires,then insert a couple of ???8mm threaded rods or equivelent into bolt holes that hold on structural bumper, once all bolts removed you slide it forward as far as possible as air cond. hos,coolant hose and tranny hose are still attached , this is for the B5.5 as my 08 is the 4 cyl. transverse mounted engine but yours I believe is front to back like the 2.8 engines ,am I correct on that assumption? hope this helps. You might also check "VW Vortex" forum......have had my B6 about 6 months but B5s and B5.5s 15 years
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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