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**Holiday Special** Hella projector HLs, Corners & Sms

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*** Headlight package -- Hella projectors with cc Corners & Side markers ***

This groupbuy is ended.

Here are some of my references.

First round of GroupBuy
Second round of GroupBuy
Koito products Groupbuy

The prices:

Hella Projector Headlights: $299/set;
CC Corners + Side markers: $49/set. (must be bought with the headlights)

3 days express shipping is FREE.

To make the payment, please use money order or bank transfer.
I do have Paypal but prefer not to use it due to the excessive charges.

For enquiries please send them to [email protected] or simply pm me.

The processing time is about 4 days once we have 5 orders. Thanks!



On car
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Do you have a picture of the side markers? The old posts do not show the pictures anymore. If I just buy the side markers is it still $15 shipped?
The price for the side markers is $25/set shipped. The $15/set is a special price for those who buy the Hls. I have updated the price info to clarify this. Thanx!
I'm interested in the headlights, the clear corners and the side markers. Just let me know when you need the money and when they will be shipped. Thanks
I need at least 5 people to start this GB. You are #1 on the sign up list. :)
I'm deffinatly interested. my b-day is coming up on the 5th of nov. and and a special someone promissed to buy these for me. so yeah, put me down for a set, lights and corners. :) should be able to pay within a week or so.
so once I pay you, how fast can you get them out to me?


I did a search and there seems to be some open issues on these lamps. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I wanted to check on the following before going forward:

1. Fog lights are disabled without additional wiring (are there how-to instructions on this and which lamps can be used for fogs?)
2. No city lights (USA vehicles)
3. (corrollary to #2) The main (HID-look) headlight functions as DRLs
4. The secondary lamp (previously fogs lamps) functions as the high beams.
5. Leveling is included.

thanks for any corrections.
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Re: clarification

I can answer these questions:

1. These projectors do not have fog lights at all.
2. These projectors *do* have city lights, but will not function without minor modifications.
3. The main headlight (projector) functions as the DRL.
4. The secondary lamp (previously the fog lights/high beams) now has two separate bulbs: a high beam bulb and a city light bulb.
5. The leveling motor is included, but will require modifications to make them work.
I can usually ship within a week and the shipping takes 3 days.
Have one set of headlights and a few sets of side markers on hand for immediate delivery. Anyone?
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm new to these forums. So are they as white/bright as HID or at least brighter/whiter than stock? Could someone tell you were using different lights from far away? Also if I just bought the corners could I fit it in with the OEM headlights?
These use halogen lights so they are no match to the real HID. We bought them only for the cosmetic reason. I changed the bulbs to blue vision from Philips and it is quite a bit brighter. As for the corners, it fits in all B5 regardless what type of headlights (stock, cc, hid...) you have.
b5-turbonium said:
...and and a special someone promissed to buy these for me..
I never promised anything?!! :p j/k Happy bday fellow november baby. me = nov. 10 :thumbup:
ROTFLMAO, Ed!!!! :lol: Nov. 5 I'm finally legal :drink: :beer: :eek: !! hehe

good18t, I got your email, I'ma see how soon I can get the money. :thumbup:
Anyone oredered or received this set yet? Any issues?
i ordered the side markers and clear corners from good1.8t before, and they are of very good quality.

nice and easy to install.. :wink:
good18t, you got the PM.... Lemme know what you need from me! I'm IN!
Your name is on the list. Will get back to you when it has 5 persons.
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