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Hold down bolt for spare not spinning off.

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Hi, I need to get the spare out of the well on my 2005 4Motion Wagon to drill some holes for a hitch. The plastic nut is not spinning off, it's just clicking as I turn it as if there was a nut below the spare that was turning in a housing but that's just a swag. Anyone have any info on a problem like this, am I doing something wrong (I am turning it counter clockwise)

Thanks, Bill
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Try pulling or levering the plastic nut upwards as you turn it.
Is the shaft (onto which the plastic nut fits) turning? If so, perhaps you can reach it from the side of top to hold it as you turn the nut.
99% sure the nut that the bolt screws into is welded into /part of the spare tire well. I bet the plastic knob has seperated from the metal threaded shaft. Not sure if the plastic housing will come apart, or if it will have to be destroyed.

Edit, here's what the spare tire well looks like with the tire removed.
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If you have a tow hitch...?

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I have a hitch and it's now installed. I smacked the nut a few times and threatened it with a Sawzall and it spun right off.
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