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Two day sago, I just started to have this issue with my 2012 Passat S 2.5L and can't seem to find a solid answer on the interwebs. I have included a YouTube link to a video that demonstrates all of this. Any help would be awesome!

YouTube Video Link:
(Tried to make it a link but I cant on my first post understandably)

So this super annoying high pitched sound seems to happen when I accelerate and the vehicle is under load and the second I let my foot off the gas the sound goes away (doesn't do it every time i accelerate, just under load). It only seems to happen when in gear and doesn't do it when in Park or Neutral. I initially thought it was the brake wear indicator because this sounded similar and was happening while I was driving, however I put my brakes on and put it in to Drive then apply the accelerator and the sound still happens without the tires moving so it wasn't that (Have newish brakes anyway). So then was trying to see if there was a correlation with it being in gear and happening so I was wondering if it is transmission related. I did get the transmission fluid changed by my VW dealer at the 100,000 mark as suggested and the transmission has never had any problems (shifting or any that I have ever noticed) and still isn't during this current problem. It seems to happen around 2000 rpms most, not all of the time though, and when its about to shift into a higher gear (again, not all of the time but majority). In the video, you will also notice that when i drive on the freeway with no incline/decline with cruise control on, it makes the sound every second or so (which I assume is the cruise control putting on the gas momentarily and maintaining my set speed).

We have tried to isolate exactly where the sound is coming from in the engine compartment but it is difficult as it is so loud and hard to specify its location. If anyone has witnessed this particular sound/problem pleassseeee let me know as its driving me nuts as well as anyone I drive by :/ The sound can be quite jarring.

All of the appreciation in the world for anyone who may have a solution.
Thanks in advance,

YouTube Video Link:

2012 Black Passat S 130,000 Miles
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