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Looking for some specific advice on how to transport music from computer to analog stereo.
I'm going to be up front honest, I am obsessive on how my music sounds. I'm all about SQ not just how loud it can get.

My current set-up and configuration:
Dedicated computer with my music library.
Music is fed through a wired Gigabit Network to a Samsung BD-7500 Blu-Ray console.
That in turn plays my FLAC music files which are then sent to a Musical Fidelity M1-DAC via fibre cable.
The M1-DAC is connect to my Adcom GFP-750 pre-amp via analog cables (RCA).
Pre-amp signals are fed to a pair of Adcom GFA-5802's and then piped to a pair of Polk Audio SDA-SRS. (Polks flagship speaker / circa 1986)

All music files are ripped as 24bit raw FLAC format.
Here's a sample of my music library.
Notice last column on right side. That is my bitrate. Far exceeding the 320Kbps standard for high quality audio playback. All of my music is hovering in the 800Kbps to 1.2Mbps range.


Here's my issue. My Samsung BD-7500 bit the dust.
What made that Blu-Ray player so nice, was the fact it could recognize the 24bit FLAC format files and just play them without any fuss or muss. None of that upsample/downsample crap.
It also provided on screen menu for my whole music library which I could flip through with ease using my remote.

Over the weekend I purchased a Samsung UBD-M9500 Blu-Ray player, that according to those jack-wads at Best Buy was a better player than what I had.
Maybe for video it is. But it sure is lacking on the audio side.
Using that new Blu-Ray player makes my music sound like I've got Saran-Wrap wrapped around my speakers. It sounds like A$$!
On top of that, it won't even recognize FLAC file format. Only mp3 format :mad:
And now, Samsung has gotten out the Blu-Ray business.

Does anybody know of a viable high end solution?
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