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1) Your stock wiring will easily handle the Euro spec bi-xenons. They are made for the car. They are plug and play.

2) The HID D2S bulbs operate on 35 watts of power, compared to the 55W stock halogens.

3) HID's require a "kick start", which means they require instantaneous high voltage to start the "arc". This causes a slightly higher than mormal current drain, which is why some members choose to put in 20 amp fuses. I, and many others have been using the stock 15 amp fuses for quite a while with no problems.

4) Relay 173 needs to be removed (or pins taped) to ensure that the ballast gets proper voltage for operation.

5) Most people in the US do not mess with the manual rheostat for leveling. Once the lights are aimed properly, they work just fine.

6) Daniel Stern warns against HID conversion kits, but approves OEM bi-xenon refits. Although he is a halogen purist, even he admits that HID's are much more efficient.

7) Everybody freaks over the cost until you drive with the things...

Enjoy the lights!
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