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I own a 2002 Passat Wagon - V6 4 motion and live near Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I purchased vehicle used with 140 k miles in New Jersey. I did not notice this behaviour till recently. It will occasionally when stopped at a light and idling give what feels like a complete miss, a slight drop in rpms, sometime two or three times in a row. Also when accelerating slowly I experience this behaviour around 1200 rpm. If I am aggressive on the throttle it is not apparent. It generally runs okay and fuel economy is average of 10l/100 km or 24mpg, mixed city /highway, mostly highway.

Background info. I checked plugs, they a BKR6EGP g-power platinum not OEM BKR6EKUB dual electrodes, I checked if oil was leaking into any of plug wells, looked dry, recently changed CTS, now tempertature reads 190, cleaned MAF, fresh air filter, previously seafoamed treatment in oil prior to change, seafoamed intake via thottlebody, have run techron and seafoam in occaional fuel fillups.

Generic scanner occasionally throws P0411 Sec.Air Inj.Sys. Incorrect Flow Detected bank 1 and/or bank 2, also at times will throw P0420 Catalyst System,Bank1 Efficiency Below Threshold
and same for bank 2. Surprisingly e-test for licensing was very clean.

Tried misting coils in dark with water no apparent arcing, never a code for a cylinder miss. Wish I had access to a VAG-com to see if additional info would help. I have noticed when coasting to a stop light what fells like a a nudge just before stop, like the converter might not be unlocking. I suspect vacumn lines and pcv system are overdue, would any of these contribute to this? Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.

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