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Heres the new whip

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ok so as u guys know or dont know i sold my car not too long ago, i miss it, but i decided to get into an asian car- u know cheaper maintenance, parts, and walmart sells the oil:thumbup:

picked her up today, after a long search of rsx's i finally found one that hasnt been in an accident, hasnt been highly modified and isnt salvage. the wheels are ugly but pw gave me the mod bug so those wont be on too long:lol:

2002 acura rsx type-s, 55k,6speed, firepepper red on tan leather. ill tell you its such a big difference from the passat:rolleyes:



its already got a fujita cai and jdm headlights with 6000k hids:thumbup:
buti got plans for it (all motor)- wheels, springs, foglights, debadge, kpro, cams, test pipe, maybe throw a sub in there lol, i would keep you guys posted on the mods but i think you guys are pretty mad i got a rice rocket :driving:
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The Showroom This is the place to show off pictures of your Passat! Post your GTG pictures here too.:thumbdown
you got it 1/4 correct.

good luck with it.
ok sorry

move it?? like anything auto or something? thanks
not too bad actually, Ive only seen one wing that I actually like on this car, it's the one that just goes straight up on each side of the trunk and then straight across. Just PLEASE DO NOT put a fart can on it....
decided to google something
Atleast its a type S....otherwise, I'd flame lol
If you didn't sell me that cat/converter I'd flame you right now
Kidding though, but it's always sad to see a Passat go.
How are you liking it?
Phil, why Acura? :crazy: J/k ;).
Anyway, anything that fill your cup, enjoy :thumbup:
im having this weird realization of how awesome the passat really was. lookin at the pics and stuff, kinda depressing. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

but the type s is pretty sweet i will learn to like it:wrench:
yea rsxs are pretty cool one of my buddys has one wells he had like 3 or 4. and when we go out he would always let me drive it. id spend hours drivieng it around it was a fun car to drive. and another of of my buddys has one same color. maybe i can find a pic of it. nice car and good luck with it :)
heres my buddys red rsx with diff wheels. o yea and this one is k24 swaped tsx motor its pretty quick :thumbup:

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If you go with the new civic si wheels.. that would look sweet!

Good luck with your new purchase!
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Hey phil now u really not gonna get that girl u wanted LOL jk nice looking whip
I wanted a RSX-S but the insurance on them is retarded for what it is. I can get full coverage on a 2005 Corvette for $125/Month and full coverage on a 2004 RSX-S was like $165/month. Nice ass cars just not worth what you have to pay. Sweet looking car mang.
Good luck, now stop posting those jap crap pics on here. :)
torque low shift high!!! good luck with it dude :)
Vtak FTL. Good luck with the new whip but you DEFINATELY traded down IMO.
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