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and just for bordom viewing pleasure..heres another piece of work i did recently.

This is my little project that has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks. I bought a car in September with these Lorinser RSK-2 true 3pc wheels on it. When I took them off for winter I noticed a ton of axle grease coating the inside barrels of both front wheels…oh boy. They are a really nice, apparently rare set of wheels, so I decided they didn’t deserve to be in this condition. Bummed that the previous owner let them get like this. I am still on the fence as to whether I would like to keep the wheels for myself or sell them, but also figured if I were to keep them there would definitely need to be some change. So here’s what we have. Mainly creating this post to show my time I put into getting these in better condition if they do sell. So here is what we have.

This was the day I got the car home. I wasn’t buying the car for the wheels but they have def grown on me since then.

Then I took this photoshop as some inspiration. (photoshop via crisvr6)

So I pulled off the wheels for winter, as I replaced them with GTI Classix on Blizzaks for dirt cheap, and we started with this mess..

The faces are in pretty good shape..just too much chrome for me.

Bolts had some oxidation and slight surface rust that needed a good buff’n shine…uuggh why must there be so many bolts.

Previous owner failed to provide me wither center cap removal tool so I have improvised with these two protruding bolts per wheel

Now onto the bad stuff…the back sides of these wheels were pretty battered to start with. Lots of axle grease…yum!!

And lots of hardened grime…on each bolt.

So on to the first step..scraping off all caked grease. Believe me it was thick.

Once I got off as much as I could it was time to scrub down with scotch brite pad and degreaser.

Which got it to look like this. But we still have a lot of wheel weight residue left on there

Now to clean every single bolt with dremmel tool

Which got us a little closer..but far from done…in between each bolt needed a lot of elbow grease.

So then they all got scrubbed with Bondo brand rust remover.

Tooth brush action.

Now we are starting to look a little better after a rinse and another dremmel session in between bolts.

Next step..sigh…removing all old wheel weight residue & another shine on bolts.


After. (same location as before shot)

Took two Saturdays to get all 4 wheels to this state.

Not done yet tho…time for paint.

Masking off.

Plasti dipping wheels.

Dipping center caps.

Letting them dry after plenty of coats.

Mean while polishing all bolts in center caps.


After. (Not sure if you can tell the difference.)

Now everything is dry so its time to assemble.

Finished caps are looking good.

And the final product all together.

Back sides are looking way better..i swear i heard this wheel whisper "thank you"

Chrome is looking so much better

Happy with the outcome.

Thanks for looking.

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Nice work! I like the wheels much better this way.

Have you bothered to check your CV boots? That much grease on the inside of the wheels could only come from cracked or torn CV boots.

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Nice work! I like the wheels much better this way.

Have you bothered to check your CV boots? That much grease on the inside of the wheels could only come from cracked or torn CV boots.
yes..both have been repaired, and were repaired before i bought the car. Previous owner must run outta gusto to clean the wheels after the dirty mess they left.

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That looks great, good job OP.
thank one has bought them from me yet..might just have to keep em for summer :lol: plus i think i have enough spare tires to rewrap them!!
They look great, and a hell of a lot cheaper than having them professionally refinished.
yes...i know min for blasting alone is near $80..and thats not even for chrome wheels. I had 4 spray cans ($9 ea) + two rolls of tape ($4 ea) + dremmel ($9) + bondo rust remover which i already had from restoring bikes so...= $49 total!! cant beat that.

Wow. Lotta work but what a result! This also serves to remind me that my summer wheels need pretty serious work in the next couple weeks. Yours will be my inspiration.
thank you..i think the sheer fact of breaking up all the chrome with a colored face was a key factor. and get ta crackin on those summer wheels...remember what they say...procrastination is like masterbation...its all fun and games till you realize you just screwed yourself.:p
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