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Hi All,

I just bought a new Garrett 717858-5010S turbo for my 2002 B5.5 130 tdi avf engine. The old one has been leaking oil into the intake system - it's working fine but the leak was beginning to trickle down the sump and collecting at the bottom. What's more I just had the engine completely rebuilt, new clutch and dmf, new tandem pump, new egr valve, new intercooler. So the turbo now has to be swapped. I was planning to do this myself however whilst shopping around I found the following info from one vendor:

717858-5010S Garrett turbochargers for Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDi 130bhp were replaced by 716215-0001 turbos, which was a Direct Service Replacement. However, 716215-0001 Garret turbos are no longer available, so to service these two part numbers it is necessary to use turbochargers from the 717858 range and preferably, the latest one 717858-0009, but to make a minor adjustment to the Delta angle, by rotating it 6° CLOCKWISE when looking at the compressor end. This changes the Delta angle from 96° to 90°.
This should ensure fitting to the car with no problems. All other details are the same.

This delta angle business seems more involved than the simple remove/replace I was hoping to do. No other vendor mentions this in their info, which seems strange. The firm I bought the turbo from did not state that any modifications were necessary. Anyone have a view on whether this is the case with this turbo?

Any help greatly appreciated.



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This should ensure fitting to the car with no problems.
The delta angle they speak of refers to how the compressor (intake) housing is "clocked" relative to the turbine (exhaust) housing. The cartridge assy has fasteners holding the compressor housing that will need to be loosened before you rotate the compressor ~6 degrees clockwise, relative to the turbine housing. Tighten the fasteners after the compressor position on the new unit matches the "old" unit.

Since you may be confused at this point, I'll say that everything will be more obvious once you have the "old" turbo assy out of the car sitting on the work bench next to the new unit. If any clocking adjustments need to be made to the compressor housing, it should be obvious as the compressor position of the new unit will be different from the position on the old unit (all relative to the turbine housing being in the same position on both units).

If you decide to put on your "hard-headed cap" the day you work on your TDI and don't clock the compressor, you'll discover the exhaust hose (leading from the compressor housing) doesn't fit/won't reach...meaning you'll be pulling the whole thing back out to "clock" the compressor housing so this hose will fit properly.

If you have any other issues, Fred's TDI Forums has quite a few more Passat TDI drivers.

Good Luck :beer:
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