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Hey guys, been a while since i have visted the forums.
I need some help with dimished value, and how does it work in CA? Are there any sites, tips anyone has to get about this. Also what are the numbers to be using? Also, some have said maybe i should hire someone to do the math as to how much my car really has diminished in value? Also some numbers i have seen from google search are things like 25% of the KBB value of your car, and blah blah. I just dont know what to trust from a basic google search as this seems to be a pretty grey area in terms of insurance. But in my case, with a car that is valued this much i think its worth it.
Anyways, the story if you want to read as to how i ended up like this

Well anyways, about last year i got a new 2006 MB S500, nice car and i loved her alot. Well about two weeks ago, some idiot was trying to make an illegal uturn in San Jose in the middle of the block (over a double yellow) and, as he put it, did not see me and pretty much T-boned me in the rear wheel.
it was bad, with the fat AMG rim at a full 45* bank, i could tell this is not good.
Right now the car is at a MB Cert. body in San Francisco and i am told estimate is set at about $11k in damage, which is a lot. Right now i am going thru my insurance company (Allstate) as the police whow as on the sceen did not allow us to exchange information, but said it will be in the police report (it must be a SJPD thing) but the other guy pretty much said he was at fault and had insurance and even got a ticket for his nice illegal U-turn. Insurance is still waiting on the police report, and allstate has an history of trying to screw me.
Thanks alot,
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